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Oryx and Crake  - Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood's work is always provocative and this book is no exception.  Narrated by a character named Snowman who may be the last human on earth, we read his story. Set in a future where giant corporations genetic research has led to species splicing and miracle cures seem to the order of the day, Snowman who used to be Jimmy, lives in an enclosed corporate compound which mirrors a small city.  In Jimmie's world, Global companies all maintain these compound cities for their employee's. Those not fortunate enough to work for a corporation live in the abandoned old cities.  This is of course, a dystopic novel. Kids like Jimmy, growing up in the compounds are virtually guaranteed a successful future. At first glance it would seem that mankind has managed to solve most of the riddles of biology, creating cures for diseases and artificially producing body organs for transplant.  As we get to know Jimmy and Crake, Jimmie's friend who takes his nickname from a role playing game, darkness starts seeping in around the edges. Atwood is telling two stories side by.  One story is what Snowman's life consists of and two, why. For me, both stories were totally engrossing and more than a little disturbing.