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Dream Dancer - Janet E. Morris This is book one of the Kerrion Empire trilogy, all of which came out in the 80's and all of which are great reads. Morris is one of the few Sci Fi writers who can successfully mix space politics, cultural wars and soap opera ingrigue. C.J. Cherryh is another. The heroine of this series is a resident of the now down and out planet earth which has fallen into a dark age and sees all science as magic and enchantments. By accident Shebat is rescued from her endentured service on earth and thrust into the stars with the enchanters and all their advantages. At first taken to be a simple girl, it soon becomes clear that Shebat is not quite what she seems and not everything can be explained by science and technology, even in the star capitals of the far away future. In real life, Morris is a defense analyst for the U.S. military, specialing in non lethal weaponry.