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Just Kids - Patti Smith Born in 1942, I was too old to appreciate the punk movement when it made its appearance. I can remeber seeing a photo op of Patti Smith and Sam Shepard in a 70's issue of Life magazine and thinking that both these people really needed a bath (!). On the advice of Rolling Stone,I picked up the Horses album and was not impressed by either the style or the content. It just sounded like noise to me and the fan excitement over Smiths phrase 'Jesus did'nt die for me' was a non issue. So, Many, many yearslater, I am in the bookstore where I see Just Kids displayed. I knew who Robert Mapplethorpe and was intrigued to see a connection between him and Patti Smith so I bought the book. I read the book. In one day. Smith is first of all, a poet. Her prose is aimed at creating atmosphere and emotional response. It is true that her grammer is less then perfect and she does step from one event to the next with little connective strcuture. Still, she offers involving protrait of a time and social scene that had an immense effect on both the music and the art of the 70's and early 80's.