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Fire from Heaven - Mary Renault This is the first book of Renaults trilogy on the life of Alexander the Great. If you enjoy historical fiction this is probably a book for you. I first read all three books as they came out and have gone back to them over the years to reread. Renaults creation of the ancient world of Alexander is flawless with many of the accounts reworkings of existing Greek and Asian history. Alexander is created here very human, flawed but also a genius at warfare and friendship. A few years ago I watched a PBS special on Alexander. At one point, we were led to a undercgound creche in what was once ancient Bactria by a native who spoke in hushed tones of the great 'Skander' who had worshiped here and spoke to the Gods. The story he told the narrator had come done vebally through the centuries and was very close to one of the accounts in this book.