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The Fountainhead - Leonard Peikoff, Ayn Rand I know this book is nothing but propaganda for an impossible philosophy but I love it anyway. No apologies. The stereotypes here are flawless. Pete Keating, you know him, he has his nose where no nose should be. Ellsworth Toohey, just turn on the T.V, he is there telling you what to think, when to think and how to think it. Dominique Francon, a tortured soul, unable to face the reality of human existance, saved by the only honest man in her world and that would be Howard Roark and we all know him, a visonary from Mars his ideas are great but no one wants them, except Dominique and a select few superior beings. What happens to all these people when they converge makes for a great read as long as you don't try to read anything into it. This is the only book by Rand that I was able to get through, the rest are boring, boring, boring.