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Perdido Street Station - China Miéville What do I think? So many things. If I were to give a star rating based on world building, this rating would be a 5. If I gave a star rating based on inventive and challenging narrative, i.e. use of language, again a 5. The problem for me is both the city of New Crobuzon and the style that Mieville effects to tell his story completely overpowered the story for me. The invention of the city, its history, its singular weirdness and its segmented neighborhoods of passive aggressive life forms are so attention grabbing that somehow the story lines faded into the background and I found myself more interested in the aspects of the city. For instance, the gargantuan carcass under which the city exists, those rotting bones, still rising to the sky after centuries, what could that possibly be. To me that was a bigger mystery than anything happening with the characters. My mind kept wondering off to explore the city, leaving the story behind. Consequently, it took me a long time to read this book. Would I read it again? Maybe, there is no denying the writers afinity with language. I'm just not sure what comes first with him. The style or the story.