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Dear and Glorious Physician - Taylor Caldwell This book, written in 1958 is a good argument for Caldwells reputation as a historical novelist. Writing about the life and times of Saint Luke, she manages to make those ancient days as familiar as yesterday. It is interesting to note that she was the subject of a book exploring past lives, written by Jess Stern 'Taylor Caldwells Past Lives'. She stated at the time that she did not believe in the past lives she recounted under hypnosis. On the other hand, all her books are full of very thorough detail in terms of customs, beliefs and political positions to such a degree that many reviewers gave the Stern book at least one reading. I mention this because her best known novels all involve a part of the early Christian religion. so there is this conflict between Reincarnation and Christianity. Having said all this, I loved the book and have read it several times, the first reading in 1958 when it came out.