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Ride the Wind - Lucia St. Clair Robson This is a fictional account of the true story of nine year old Cynthia Ann Parker. Stolen as a child by the Comanche, she was adopted by a native family and raised as Comanche. Her story is the basis for the John Ford classic western, 'The Searchers'. In Ford's version, she is found and is grateful to be returned to her birth family. In real life she was the wife of a warrior and mother of three when she and her daugher were 'rescued' twenty five years after her abduction. This novel tells the story of the Native American way life as it began to vanish and the tragedy of Cynthis Annes last years. Her son Quanah Parker would become the last leader of the Comanche and is buried next to her. For anyone interested in the history of Native Americans this book is a must read. St. Clair Robson's research for this book was extensive and she does a noteworthy job of telling Cynthia's story as it must have been.