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Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald - Therese Anne Fowler Like [b:The Paris Wife|8683812|The Paris Wife|Paula McLain|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1320545874s/8683812.jpg|13556031], this is a factually based, fictionalized version of the life of a famous figure, in this case Zelda Fitzgerald. Written in the first person, the book follows Zelda from her meeting Scott until her death. I knew the stories of the Fitzgerald’s as Jazz Age icons, representing that period with their wild escapades on two continents and their intimate connections with the legendary artist’s colony in Paris. I knew they were both serious drinkers with supposedly charismatic personalities. What I didn’t know is that Scott was the more fragile of the two. What I didn’t know is that Scott, Hemingway and others made it their business to discredit any artistic aspirations Zelda may have had and most important, I didn’t know that many of the stories published as F. Scott Fitzgerald’s’ were actually the work of Zelda. Fowler’s Zelda speaks to us in an authentic voice, intimate as a best friend as she shares her memories with us. I am not a fan of the Hemingway, Fitzgerald school of writing so I was not sure who Zelda would turn out to be, even fictionally. Who I found was a sharp, fragile, talented girl who unfortunately let herself be lead instead of standing eye to eye with her husband. What I also found was a very courageous woman who could not give up trying to hold her life together until it was too late.