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Gummitch and Friends

Gummitch and Friends - Fritz Leiber I have been adding read books to my shelves and when I added this I was amazed to find zero reviews. This book is the definitive collection of all of Leibers cat fantasy stories, the most famous of which is 'Spacetime for Springers' about a brilliant kitten who saves his family. I read Spacetime way back in the dark ages and several of the other stories also as they appeared in fantasy anthologies. The book printed only two editions and that may be why it has a low profile here. I have read that it was a personal project for Leiber as he loved cats and like T.S.Eliot wanted to make them part of his art. At any rate, I would recommend this book to anyone who a) loves short fantasy stories with a hook b) loves cats and c) has a fondness for the type of writing that was so popular in the 60's and 70's. Here is the opening from Spacetime.
"Gummitch was a superkitten, as he knew very well, with an I.Q. of about 160. Of course, he didn't talk. But everybody knows that I.Q. tests based on language ability are very one-sided. Besides, he would talk as soon as they started setting a place for him at table and pouring him coffee."